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Novel compact heat exchanger/absorber technology for cost effective absorption cycle machines


The scope of this industrial research project is to develop an efficient and cost effective solar assisted vacuum vapour desalt unit and measure its overall efficiency. The product will combine one plate vacuum H/X as evaporator with vacuum solar collectors and with one pressure gain steam after heater. The product will eliminate many of the techncal constraints met in previous EU projects, because it can:
- be compact and of low maitenance cost since no membrane or fillter cleaning or frequent replacing is needed,
- have increased energy efficiency, since the back-up energy (oil) will be minimised (using free solar energy we can expect to an overall decrease of primary energy by 70%),
- make electricity savings if compared to the conventional inverse osmose units,
- penetrate into very large markets (sizes in three series, 2-6 m3/d, 25-60 m3/d and 150-500 m3/d are foreseen),
- a payback period of 5 years seems to be achieved.


David Reay and Associates - Consulting Engineers
84,Monkseaton Drive
NE26 1QT Whitley Bay - Tyne And Wear
United Kingdom

Participants (2)

Absotech Engergiesparsysteme GmbH & Co. KG
83646 Bad Tölz
United Kingdom
4,Ridgepark Drive
ML11 7PG Lanark