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Automatic cooperation between energy producers and consumers to optimize capactiy management and to help saving energy, demonstrated in blocks of flats


In order to decrease and optimize energy consumption of private households in blocks of flats there should be established a constant exchange of data between energy producers an consumers. The trend to use home automation systems is increasing steadily. Therefore an interface should be defined for data exchange between different home automation systems, capacity management systems and energy consumption measurement systems. The data exchange should be done by using stadardized home busses (EIB, LON) and appropriate communication media. The use of adapting methods is characteristic of the system. In this project should be found out, how to make the best use of these methods in blocks of flats. To realize this concept, a cooperation has been founded between Top Control GmbH, a firm specialised in remote controlling and telematics, an Teletask BVBA, a firm specialised in home automation and domotik svstems.

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