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Content archived on 2024-04-30

Air-cooled water-lib absorptioncooling machineof low capacity for air-conditioning.


The basic objective of this project is the development of a new air cooled absorption cooling machine for air-conditioning, in the low power sector market. Making use of water LiBr technology together with the air-cooling feature, it is possible to reach a better relationship between quality (in terms of performance, ecology, etc.) and price of such absorption machines, than the ones existing on the market. Air cooling instead of water cooling saves installation costs specially in small systems and removes the demand for cooling water (an important aspect in Southern European countries), thus increasing the possible application range. The main interest for the SME proposers is the profitment of the increasing cooling demand in Europe, specially in southern countries. Another point of interest for the SME proposers is the development of a cheaper cooling and heating system in terms of energy and installation costs. In this moment the solar cooling systems are aprox. 30% more expensive that the conventional ones. A cheaper absorption machine due to the air cooling feature together with the possibility of energy savings due to the low generator temperatures, that allow the absorption machine for solar applications or waste heat, will lead to solar cooling and heating systems more competitive to the conventional ones.In order to achieve the above mentioned goal, the following steps are necessary and will be carried out in this project: * Solution of the air cooling of the water LiBr machine, the main problem that up to now have not allowed commercialisation .* Reduction of the size of the air cooled elements of the machine in order to reduce the machine cost. Development of an efficient control strategy in order to obtain stable work from the machine.

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