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Optimisation of dryer and backcoating processes for carpet manufacturing in terms of heater configuration, nozzel shape, airflow and control/ adjustment


Main source for the back-coating equipment's or dryer's operational costs are e nergy consumption of the heater section and the ventilator. In order to use the energy more efficiently, a high combustion efficiency, an optimised airflow an d a quick heat- and humidity transfer between air and product are needed. Th is project's concern is an extensive examination of the stenter. Aims of the re search work are a reduced energy consumption, an improved product quality and m inimised emissions coming from the plant. This will be done by an intelligent m odification of all parts of the stenter. Especially the burner, the airflow cha nnels, the nozzle box and the control system. This project is divided into t hree phases. First the status quo of existing equipment will be determined, inc luding the emission and the different data of the fluid. A flow and temperature measuring instrument will be developed within an EU research project and will be available by the end of 1998. Consequently, this project can not be conveyed any sooner. In the second phase a lab scale dryer will be installed and optimi sed. This optimisation includes the design of an ideal dryer and the design of technically and economically useful improvements of the existing stenters. In t he third phase these improvements will be tested at industrial plants and the e conomical benefit will be evaluated. The aim is to increase the productivity , upgrade product quality and to have a more sensible energy consumption, where by it will be possible to improve the competitiveness of the European carpet in dustry. To take the various requirements of know-how for the improvement of the design into consideration (due to the different types of machines occurring an d the wide variety of products in the EU, the consortium comprises partners fro m Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany. Furthemmore, the gener ated know-how in this research project is transferable to other branches of tex tile production (e.g. technical textiles, apparel).

Funding Scheme

CRS - Cooperative research contracts


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