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Advanced cycle technologies


The objectives of this project are the enhancement of efficiency and reduction of costs of IGCC power plant and to prepare guidelines for future more advanced design. The project also includes research on cogasification of biomass and coal in an entrained-flow gasifier.
Technical Approach
The partners will jointly investigate potential measures to achieve feasible design improvements and will elaborate guidelines for highly efficient IGCCs in order to accelerate market penetration. Two of the project partners are manufacturer and supplier companies of main components of the European IGCC demonstration power plant at Puertollano, Spain. Investigation of measures for efficiency enhancement will concentrate on the efficient use of the sensible heat of the raw gas, increase of the cold gas efficiency (staged gasification, chemical quench), the reduction of exergy destruction in gas clean up plants and the scope for increasing the clean gas temperature ahead of the gas turbine combustion chamber. To assess these measures it is also necessary to conduct experiments on the flammability limits and the auto-oxidation of hydrogen in the fuel gas / nitrogen mix. The effects of such measures on costs and availability will be evaluated. Finally, site-specific conditions such as the economic framework, environmental regulations, quality of the available coal and the regional background will be considered in the cost assessment.
Co-gasification of biomass and coal in entrained-flow gasifiers is a further means to reduce CO2 emission. The problems involved will be investigated and experiments will be conducted in an existing laboratory gasifier.
Expected Achievements and Exploitation
The following findings are expected to be made:
- Results of analyses, guidelines for the design of advanced highly efficient IGCCs considering feasibility and availability
- Detailed knowledge of principles of staged gasification and chemical quench
- Knowledge of inflammability of clean syngas when mixed with nitrogen fraction from ASU containing 0.5-4% oxygen at different conditions - Knowledge of co-gasification of coal and biomass in an entrained flow gasifier.
- Description of cost optimal IGCC power plants, results of techno-economic optimization in order to reach competitive electricity generating costs taking into account site-specific conditions and coal properties.

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