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Performance prediction in advanced pulverised coal-fired utility boilers


The objectives are to improve the environmental effects of firing pulverized coal in atmospheric boilers, and to allow the design of higher efficiency boilers with low emission characteristics. These are to be achieved by fulfilling the following sub-objectives:
- To develop improved tools for the prediction and assessment of pulverized coal-fired utility boiler performance, and for the assessment of designs for new boilers in terms of overall operating efficiency, heat transfer and emission performance;
- To develop advanced techniques for in-combustion chamber NOx control through the use of pulverized coal as a reburn fuel, and
- To improve the capability of predicting the combustion and emission performance of a wider range of coal-based blends.
- To provide for techno-economic assessments of different strategies for efficiency improvement and emission reduction.
- Ultimately to provide information to give guidelines to policy makers with reference to optimizing the use of the existing stock of European boilers, and further to optimize future developments.
Technical Approach
The project is managed in three project areas addressing respectively modelling, blends research and coal over coal reburn. A heavy emphasis is being placed on the acquisition of operating data from full scale production plant, backed up by data from pilot scale boiler simulators and laboratory reactors. Extensive model development activities will be undertaken, based on improved phenomenological understanding gained from the experimental research and validated using the pilot and full scale operating data. The ultimate aim is to provide simplified modelling which may be used for rapid assessment of plant operating and design changes.
Expected Achievements and Exploitation
Expected achievements include new design concepts for advanced low emission combustion systems for application in ultra high efficiency boilers of the future, fired with extended ranges of pulverized coals. In addition, improved tools with which to assess potential design and operating changes for individual and groups of boilers will be made available.
The membership of the project groups and of the IFRF include a large proportion of the European power generation industry and the associated combustion equipment manufacturers. The initial exploitation of the results will be through these organizations.
The intention is to assist the industries to rebuild the European power generation capacity and simultaneously to improve combustion equipment export prospects, in both cases maintaining employment within these industries.

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