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Content archived on 2024-05-07

Advanced cobalt based catalyst for fischer-tropsch synthesis



The aim of the programme is the development of an advanced catalyst presenting a higher activity for paraffins synthesis from syngas and used in a new generation of slurry Fischer-Tropsch process utilizing natural gas as feedstock.

The partners will master the deposition of the promoters, allowing to increase the activity of cobalt based catalysts, through original manufacturing techniques, and evaluate the catalyst performances in slurry reactors. Furthermore, some characterization techniques will be adapted to the in-situ characterization of the best catalytic formulations. The association of the in-situ techniques with kinetic measurements will also provide an advanced understanding of the reaction mechanism and the catalyst reconstruction under syngas.

Technical Approach

A first phase will consist in the standardization and/or calibration of characterization methods and test equipments which are intended to be used by the partners.

The second phase will be devoted to the design and screening of new active phases. In parallel, kinetic studies and in-situ characterization of the catalysts will be performed to understand how catalysts operate and evolve under reaction conditions.

The third phase will be devoted to the final development at lab-scale of the best catalytic formulation including the support and its adaptation to slurry phase operation.

The fourth phase will allow to synthesize the results obtained during the previous phases through the achievement of a technical file for development studies.

A fifth phase devoted to the management, intermediate and final reporting, simultaneously to the other phases.

A first economic study will be performed using catalytic performances obtained at the end of phase 2 (mid term assessment), and a second one near the end of the project using the data of the advanced Fischer-Tropsch (F.T.) catalyst evaluation.

Expected Achievements and Exploitation

On project completion the main deliverables will be:
1. an advanced cobalt based catalyst for slurry F.T. reactors; 2. a kinetic model combined with a reactor model;
3. a technical file for the further development of an F.T. process.

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