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In situ saturation monitoring in core samples by electrical impedance tomography


The project aims to develop instrumentation and software to greatly increase the value of measurements made on hydrocarbon reservoir core samples. It will improve the accuracy of petrophysical measurements on the rocks, and lead to a better understanding of fluid-rock interactions by quantifying and visualising fluid distribution during dynamic flow experiments.
The main technical objective is to develop tomographic measurement techniques and associated reconstruction algorithms to enable the 3-dimentional imaging and quantification of real-time or near real-time fluid distribution within core samples under reservoir pressdure conditions through Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT).

The samples which will be used are standard cylindrical core plugs with a diameter of 38 mm. The research aims to develop equipment which will provide resolution on the millimetre scale.

The proposal outlines the use of PC based simulation and reconstruction software to investigate the performance of reconstruction algorithms and to select schemes for exitation and measurement. This will provide the basis for the development of an electrode array to be applied to the cylindrical surface of the sample, and the measurement electronics, which will allow four wire measurements with shaped exitation patterns at appropriate speeds.
Initially well established but restricted linear reconstruction algorithms will be used as a basis for comparison, then progressed to non-linear iterative reconstructions incorporating various constraints.
After the development of a working 2-dimensional prototype the possibility of full 3-dimensional tomography, using axial as well as transverse current flow, will be investigated.

The potential for paralled implementation of the algorithms will be explored using parallel accelerator hardware hosted on a PC, to satisfy the requirement for near real-time operation.

After the development of a 3-dimensional prototype extensive comparative tests will be carried out on samples under realistic test conditions of flow and pressure, using Magnetic Resonance Imaging and X-ray computer assisted tomography techniques.

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