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A novel high efficient solar collector for desiccative and evaporative cooling


The main objective of this project is the development of a low-cost solar collector with new materials and a novel absorption method, suitable for the following major fields of application:
- Heating and cooling for CFC-free air conditioning, by desiccative and evaporative cooling (DEC).
- Heat production for modular desalination and water purification plants. - Commercial use in domestic water heating by low-cost collectors.
Technical Approach
This project looks at material aspects of the novel absorber and its adaptation for air-conditioning by desiccative and evaporative cooling (DEC) with solid sorbents (LiCl). The work includes investigations into materials, technologies and thermodynamic processes in combination with the complete system.
The first phase contains the major task of selecting the most suitable overall collector concept from a choice of options. These will be analysed using detailed physical and technological investigations: optical, chemical and pressure tests, joining technologies, and thermodynamic analysis and simulation for different volumetric absorber concepts.
The second phase contains the detailed collector engineering model (EM) design. Additionally, DEC system analysis will be carried out for the integration of solar thermal power. The main parts in this phase are the realisation, testing and evaluation of the collector EM, where both standalone and basic tests of interaction with the DEC system will be carried out.
The third phase is characterised by the final collector design, solar DEC system design and assembly and performance tests. After the establishment of plans and procedures, the collector array will be manufactured and the DEC system assembled. Performance tests under full load and partial load as well as safety/reliability tests will be carried out under the climate conditions in Portugal and evaluated afterwards.
Expected Achievements and Exploitation
The outputs of the project will be:
Collector concept and specifications
DEC system design and specifications
Five modules of collector EM
Solar supported DEC unit with 2,000 to 4,000 m3/h, a cooling capacity of 18 to 40 kW and a nominal collector capacity of 20 to 45% of the total power demand.
Collector and system performances
Subsequent to the successful performance of the collector and the DECsystem, contracts are being prepared, regulating the casting of the role of the partners in production and marketing activities. Patents and licences will be offered to the partners and to other EU manufacturers.

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