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The detailed design, manufacture and commissioning of a prototype WOSP wind/wave energy plant



The project will use the OSPREY Wave Energy Collector as a foundation for the placement of a wind turbine in the near shore environment. The wind loads on the turbine will be an order of magnitude less than the wave loadings on the OWC so that a secure base for the wind generator may be obtained with minimal additional cost to the structure. The considerable boost to the total power output of the combined wind/wave device significantly improves the economic benefits offered by stand alone wind or wave generators broadening the appeal of both technologies. The specific project objectives are:
a) To install and integrate and integrate a VESTAS V39 500kW wind turbine with prototype OSPREY 2MW Oscillating Water Column wave energy converter at Dounreay, Scotland for the purposes of validating, at full scale, the combined energy factor, structural loadings and economic forecasts made on the basis of theoretical and model studies.
b) To obtain data on its operational performance taking advantage of near shore wind energy.
c) To provide a platform to permit the testing and monitoring of wind/wave pneumatic turbines and control systems and to obtain environments and structural loading data under real sea conditions.

Technical Approach

The technical approach comprises:
- A risk assessment of the key aspects of the project.
- Commissioning meteorological wind/wave statistics of the Dounreay site. - Wind turbine design specifications, development of Installation Procedures, Maintenance Systems and resource assessment and review. - Structural design and FE modelling of the combined wind/wave device and studying the effects of both static and dynamic loads.
- Electrical design for offshore control systems, for sea bed cabling, of offshore power converters and of communications and instrumentation. - Development of the V39 turbine in a fully marinised form. - The installation of the unit.
- The monitoring of the performance of the combined wind/wave unit.
Expected Achievements and Exploitation

- The design of a fully marinised 500kW wind energy converter. - Procedures for integrating the wind energy converter with an OSPREY oscillating water column wave energy generator.
- The establishment of operating procedures and experience, at the full scale, of a wind turbine in the near shore environment in an area of high average wind speed and wave and tide.
- Performance monitoring of a wind turbine in the near shore region. - The supply of power to the UK national grid.
- The availability of a European prototype system to act as a stimulus for commercial exploitation.

WOSP will combine state of the art wind and wave energy conversion for the first time so achieving a major advance in power generation from renewable sources. The success of the project will be a focus for the direct sales of combined wind/wave power generation systems.

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