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Implementation studies in four regions of the EU for power from biomass att he scale of 1 to 5 MW



The objectives of the project include:
- at each of the four selected sites (in southern England,
Scotland, central Portugal and Piemonte in northern Italy) a survey of fuel resources, an assessment of planning,
environmental and social issues, selection of conversion and other equipment, an examination of the potential for sales of electricity and waste heat and the preparation of reports,
including implementing plans.
- the associated dissemination of results nationally, within the whole EU and internationally.

Technical Approach

The project will be organised on three levels:
- project co-ordination
- overview and dissemination - to draw together and report on common themes identified below
- site studies, which will focus on the detailed assessment of implementation studies in four regions

Expected Achievements and Exploitation

An implementation plan for the construction and operation of each proposed biomass-fuelled power station will be
established. Sources of project finance, and the criteria for lending, will be identified. The risks inherent in the
projects will be evaluated. Operating costs and revenues will be calculated.

The partners will disseminate the results of this project
within the member states of the European Union, to the
relevant people within the energy professions and trade
associations, in networks with utilities, research
institutions, building professions and architects,
municipalities, regional and national authorities,
universities, industry and agriculture.

In addition to the normal contractors' meetings of the JOULE programme, special seminars and workshops will be held to
publicize the reports widely, including a major international seminar, self-funding apart from the inputs of the partners, towards the end of the project.

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