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Development of newly designed wood burning systems with low emissions and high efficiency



The challenging aim of this project is to improve the
combustion behaviour of small and medium scale wood combustion systems as stoves, home heating systems, and boilers in a
range from smaller than 15kWt up to 500kWt in order
- to reduce products of incomplete combustion such as carbon monoxide (CO), volatile organic compounds (VOC), and
- to increase the thermal efficiency,
- to define guidelines for low emissions for small scale
stoves and boilers firing untreated wood,
- to develop and manufacture these low emission combustion

Technical approach

CO2 emissions can be reduced by using biomass, e.g. natural
wood residues, for thermal utilization. The studies will
focus on the combustion of untreated wood fuels in systems
operating with batch-wise and quasi-continuous feed. The burn cycle of the combustion, characterized by having initial,
main, and final phases, will be investigated. Theoretical,
experimental, and mathematical modelling studies will be made of the reaction zones of the stoves and boilers. The
experimental investigation will focus on gas concentration,
temperature, velocity and turbulence measurements. The
velocity and the turbulence will be measured by a
non-intrusive two-colour Laser Doppler Velocimeter (LDV).

These investigations will be the base both for guidelines
which will be worked out for low-emission wood-fired stoves, home heating systems and boilers and for prototypes
manufactured within the project.

Expected achievements and exploitation

The main goal of this project will be to define guidelines for the development and construction of low-emission wood
combustion systems of up to 500kW thermal power. By offering prototype low-emission wood combustion systems, the use of
wood fuels in the domestic and smaller consumer section can be promoted. An increased controlled use of wood fuels will
reduce the CO2 emissions and will support forestry and

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