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Database on wind characteristics



Measured fast sampled wind data is a very useful input in the design phase of windturbines. To some extent data can be synthesized for special purposes, but it is always necessary to use measured data in order to be able to describe the vast variability of the natural wind. Data that can be used for this purpose are available from many different sites and conditions, but very often it is difficult to utilize this data for other purposes than originally intended because it is inaccessable, it may be available in the original format only, the documentation of the data can be very sparse or unavailable. The purpose of this project is to make available measured fast sampled wind timeseries from a wide variety of sites and conditions to the wind turbine community.

Technical Approach

In this project it is foreseen to:
- Collect a large amount of timeseries of fast sampled windspeed measurements from many different types of terrain and atmospheric conditions from all member countries (and as much of the rest of the world as we can), in a standardized format.
- Check and document the quality of the data.
- Calculate characteristic statistics from the data to ease selection of needed data.
- Document site and instrumentation.
- Establish a database structure containing all of the above. It is planned for about 50 Gbytes of data.
- Establish means of easy access to the database via Internet.
The present status of the project (mid-1996) is that the Internet server has been established, primarily for the purpose of receiving data, the first data have been received, and we are in the process of planning suitable Internet tools for access to the data, and developing the necessary software for quality control and data indexing.

Expected Achievements and Exploitation

It is expected that a database can be built, which contains sufficiently large amounts of representative data to enable the windturbine designers to include into their design considerations reliable information about the expected turbulence conditions under which their turbines will have to operate at a given site. It is foreseen to include to the largest possible extent so-called 'extreme' conditions, i.e. large windspeed cases, large turbulence cases such that the wind turbine designer can optimize his design as much as possible. The database will be available to the participants free of charge for the duration of this project (i.e. during the building of the database), and possibly any other interested parties late in the project after sufficient testing has been completed. After the end of the project the data will be available against payment of a suitable fee.

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