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Content archived on 2024-05-07

Noise immission from wind turbines



The project will improve the precision of statements on noise from wind turbines. A method for measurement of noise immission (the subjective perception of noise) is developed; an existing prediction method for sound propagation is validated, adjusted and programmed, and knowledge on uncertainty upon noise emission from wind turbines is gained. The project has five major areas:
1. Test methods for reducing wind-induced noise in the measuring microphone, which is the main obstacle for noise immission measurements. 2. Validation of propagation model for wind turbine noise. At seven different sites propagation of wind turbine noise is measured, and results are compared to the existing propagation model.
3. Round Robin test of noise emission. Five partners measure the noise emission from the same wind turbine.
4. Investigation of uncertainty components in emission measurements. The results are summarized with results from JOU2-CT90-0124 and the Round Robin test to give a comprehensive description of uncertainty upon noise emission.
5. Acceptability of wind turbine noise is investigated in a pilot study based on listening tests.

Technical Approach

The nine partners including four European test stations for wind turbines will undertake the field measurements identified above.
- After the methods for wind noise reduction have been tested, the most suited method is selected for the propagation measurements. The applicability of the methods for general use is evaluated, and the outlines of a measurement method for noise immission are drawn in cooperation with the IEA group of experts.
- After the propagation measurements have been completed and related research on models for sound propagation has been carried through, the necessary adjustments of the existing calculation model will be decided. - After the Round Robin tests and the investigations about uncertainty components, the results about uncertainty on emission measurements will be compared with the corresponding results from the previous project.
Expected Achievements and Exploitation

The project will result in:
- A practical method for measuring wind turbine noise in strong wind, suitable for standardization.
- A validated propagation model for wind turbine noise, programmed for use on PC.
- A thorough description of uncertainty on noise emission measurements on wind turbines, giving relevant information for e.g. interpretation of manufacturers' guaranteed noise data.
- A pilot study on subjective acceptance of wind turbine noise.

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