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Hybrid photovoltaic module for roof integration


The aim is to develop a photovoltaic (PV) module, which is optimised both for solar thermal heat recovery and roof integration. The principle of operation is the controlled flow of air over the module surface, which can be collected near the ridge of a roof. The roof-integration aims to replace conventional roof-tiles in order to reduce total system costs and to give the roof a pleasing appearance.
The main objectives in developing such a multi-functional module are as follows:
- Increase overall solar conversion efficiency
- Increase acceptance by the home owners
- Reduce the module cost
- Reduce area-related cost
Technical Approach
This proposal aims to improve the situation in developing a multifunctional photovoltaic module for roof-integration, which shall meet the following requirements:
The module shall constitute the roof itself, to avoid any additional roofcover material such as shingles.
An area necessary to produce 3kWp of photovoltaic electricity, absorbs also a maximum of 21kW of thermal energy. The design of the module shall allow the conversion of this thermal energy for heating or ventilation purposes at an efficiency of 20 % (corresponding to 4.2kW thermal), increasing the overall solar efficiency by 240 %!
The module developed shall be integrated in a way so as to minimise any inhomogeneous appearance of the roof. A residential PV-system of 3kW requires about half of the south-facing roof area of a single-family home, so the design shall fit smoothly the rest of the roof.
The fully integrated module should benefit from the fact that its front or rear is not exposed to the weather. A wider range of encapsulation materials shall be studied with the potential of further cost reduction. Experimental tests with simulated environment to verify overall performance.
Expected Achievements and Exploitation
The key results are as follows:
- Characterisation of thermal properties and behaviour in roof-mounted environments of PV-modules.
- Test facility for tests on full-sized roof-top Photovoltaic systems. - Enlargement of the variety of encapsulation materials.
- Optimised roof-integration from the architectural point of view. - Realisation of a PV-thermal Hybrid module.
The know-how for the integration of PV modules in roofs will be useful for the building industry.


Commission of the European Communities
Via Enrico Fermi 1
21020 Ispra - Varese

Participants (2)

Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan
3,S. Sjötullsgatan
801 02 Gävle
Siemens Solar GmbH
Frankfurter Ring 152
80807 München