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Roof solutions for natural cooling



The two main R&D objectives of this project are:
The creation of Design information in which energy performance indices will accompany a classification of roof solutions and components feasible for the Mediterranean area.
To provide valuable examples at real scale of roof components together with a thorough analysis on performance and on its potentialities for saving energy in a diversity of localities (climates) across the Mediterranean area.

Technical Approach

A selection of five roof components (selected among the most feasible natural cooling techniques for the Mediterranean region) will be built, thoroughly analysed and tested. The efforts will be concentrated on components based in the two most feasible techniques for natural cooling by roof solutions: i) cooling by roof-top evaporation, (like water sprays over pebbles roofs , roof water ponds or roof vegetation techniques ) ii) radiative cooling. (like selective wavelength radiator with or without movable day-time insulation, flowing liquid and in combination with different cool storage systems).
To build the information package four tasks are foreseen:
Elaboration of a roof design handbook and directory: The Handbook will cover design principles, built examples, testing results and performance indices. A Directory of roof solutions and components will be annexed as result of consultancies, surveys and interviews.
Development of Models: to analyse and optimise each of the five types of components and to allow the development of reduced/simplified models able to be integrated in existing building analysis tools.
Testing: Two types of test facilities will be used for this purpose: the PASSYS type test cells with removable roof and full scale demonstration buildings. These facilities allow the testing and operation of realistic size systems under real outdoor conditions.
Analysis of cooling potentials and applicability of the five selected roof systems for the Mediterranean Area from sensitivity studies.
Expected Achievements and Exploitation

The outputs of this project are:
The production of an information package which will contain technical specifications and design guidelines for roofing solutions suitable for Mediterranean Region. Besides, this information package will contain an Atlas of potentials and applicability of the five selected roof systems for the Mediterranean Area.
Furthermore the project will result in a number of prototype designs for prefabricated roofing components or roof construction techniques which can be further developed to marketable products.
A set of developed models summarised in Neutral Model Format (able to be integrated in general purpose building energy analysis tools).

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