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Investigation of noise emissions from wind parks and their impact to the design of parks



NOISEPARK concerns research on noise coming from wind parks. The work focuses on three major issues:
1) The prediction of noise emissions from wind parks,
2) The modelling of noise propagation including terrain effects 3) The investigation of possible design modifications for reduction of noise emissions from wind parks.
The project aims at:
- Improving the current state of prediction models of noise by means of new less empiric modelling approaches,
- Devising a well validated prediction model for noise emission and propagation
- Investigating the impact of noise radiation on the design and operation of wind parks

Technical Approach

The project will synthesize existing and new modular numerical tools in order to devise and evaluate a modular noise prediction tool for wind park applications. More specifically:

Step 1: The wind turbines are implemented as discrete, distributed sources to be defined by the MACHINE MODEL. The intensity of the sound sources of a turbine will be based on characteristics of the inflow and of course the turbine itself.
Step 2: Using a WIND PARK flow model, estimation of the inflow and its turbulence characteristics for every wind turbine can be obtained. Input to this step is the averaged velocity field that is established in the region under consideration. This is provided by the SITING MODEL.
Step 3: Then the propagation model is used. The input required comprises: the estimated intensities of the sound sources as well as the characterisation of the "propagation medium". For the latter the averaged wind velocity field as well as some information on the stratification will be needed.

Expected Achievements and Exploitation

It is expected that upon conclusion the project will have :
1) Added on the knowledge concerning the wind turbine noise production and propagation in stand alone as well as in combined operation conditions 2) Contributed to a better understanding of the topography effects on the propagation of noise
3) Concluded a noise prediction model specifically devised for wind park applications
4) Produced guidelines concerning the design of "quiet" wind parks The participation of two industrial parties in the project assure that the results of the project will pass to applications directly. On the other hand in a more wide range, the modelling tools will be made available to third parties after the completion of the project.

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