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Power performance assessment



The overall objective of the project is to reduce the financial risk in investment in wind power projects by significantly improving power performance assessment for wind power plants. The immediate, measurable objectives of the project are to:
- prepare a review of existing contractual aspects of power performance verification procedures of wind farms,
- provide information on production sensitivity to specific terrain characteristics and wind turbine parameters by analyses of wind farms, - improve the understanding of the physical parameters connected to power performance in complex environment by comparing real-life wind farm power performance data with 3D computational flow models and 3D-turbulence wind turbine models,
- develop the statistical framework including uncertainty analysis for power performance assessment in complex environments, and
- propose one or more procedures for power performance evaluation of wind power plants in complex environments.

Technical Approach
Previous experience shows it is possible to significantly improve assessment tools. To do so, analysis of data and flow modelling is carried out distributed on three work packages.
The first work package includes a review of contractual power performance evaluation procedures of wind farms; an evaluation of wind turbine power performance in wind farms with regard to time, wind dir., turbulence, wind shear, air density, inclined flow etc.; an analysis of the uniformity of wind turbines; an evaluation of alternative wind turbine power performance evaluation procedures. It includes wind turbine power performance modelling to reveal sensitivity to turbulence, wind shear, inclined yaw error, control strategy etc. with 3D turbulence power performance code. The second work package includes comparison of measured site flow measurements and flow model calculations, aiming at a validation of wind speed differences, wind shear and inclined flow as input parameters to the power performance. The third work packages comprises validation of possible improved procedures for evaluation and prediction of energy yield from wind farms in complicated environments, and proposals for framework for contractual power performance production warranties.

Expected Achievements and Exploitation
Procedures for performance assessment of wind power plant will be directly applicable for developers/manufacturers.
By making energy yield validation more accurate, the introduction of the wind power option into the financial community is alleviated. The benefits of this project are thus quite substantial to the wind energy community. Tools will provide better contracts and less lawsuits between wind farm owners and wind turbine manufacturers to enhance the reputation of wind energy sector. However, more accurate tools for evaluating production characteristics will make investments in wind power plants less risky which in turn will attract more investors.

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