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Carbonized Briquette Production with Process Integration for Natural Gas saving in the Briquetting Process


Briquetting of wood processing residues (sawdust,shavings) by screw-extrusion is atechnically proven operation. The produced briquettes are of an excellent quality which makes them suitable for various applications. However, the financial viability of this technology should be further improved to make this briquetting concept ready for further dissemination within Europe and elsewhere. One of the main problems is the high drying costs of the raw material (at present natural gas is used for drying). The overall objective of the project is:
1. to exploit the opportunity for production of a first class quality charcoal, based on briquetted wood waste and other biomass residues (agricultural, forestry, arboricultural);
2. to save natural gas, and the associated cost, used for drying the raw material for briquetting. However, the specific targets should be developed during the exploratory phase. Conditions which will guide the decisions are:
- continuous carbonization should be realized;
- excellent char quality is required (carbon content, volatile matter content, strength, etc.)
- a gas quality suitable for combustion in the wood waste drying system should be achieved.

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