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CIS-Module development on float glass substrates



Based on the improved laboratory technology for small CIS - modules on 10 cm x 10 cm substrates R & D activities of Siemens Solar and St. Gobain are combined to scale up
to 30 cm x 30 cm prototype modules. Primary focus is on manufacturing issues in order to reduce the PV module costs down to less than 1 ECU / Wp for a further mass production.
The main points to be demonstrated in the project are:
- module efficiencies of 10 - 12 %
- high process yields and reproducibility
- pass IEC 12 15 PV module test ( ISPRA - certificate )
- in line processing capability of all coating steps
- process control methods and tools
- low - cost processes by employing non toxic materials and compounds

Siemens Solar's present CIS technology has proven capability to fabricate minimodules on a 10 cm x 10 cm substrate with an average efficiency of 11 % ; peak efficiencies close to 12 % have been demonstrated. This technology will be transferred within three project phases
into a state capable of fabricating prototype stand - alone power modules as well as prototype fassade modules with a minimum efficiency of 11 %. Phase I comprises the final definition of processes and materials for first demonstrator module.The second phase covers the fabrication of demonstrator modules according to the specifications defined in phase I. On the basis of an improved technology a second set of
CIS demonstrator modules with a minimum efficiency of 11 % will be produced and tested during the last phase of this project
The work packages comprises manufacturing compatible barrier coatings for float glass substrates, high throughput coating and annealing steps as well as an interconnect and encapsulation technology that guarantees stable module performance


At the end of this program, prototype stand - alone power modules as well as prototype fassade modules with a minimum efficiency of 11 % will be provided. Owing to the technical competence and manufacturing capability gained by both companies during that project a closer analysis of the cost structure for further mass production of CIS power modules will be performed. On the basis of these results it is planned at Siemens Solar to start the pilot production of modules for the application in the PV - power market. With St. Gobain mostly interested in PV for fassade integration first product lines will also comprise that market segment.

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