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Content archived on 2024-04-30

Prestandardisation activities for the certification of roofs and facades with integrated photovoltaic modules

Exploitable results

Overall results of PRESCRIPT can be summarised as follows: 1. The survey of the building regulations and standards and electricity codes in the European countries has shown that, on national bases, there are many codes applicable to building integrated PV systems. The tests resulting from the survey were classified as follows. - Standard tests according to conventional building standards (like wind tests, fire tests, noise protection, determination of heat loss coefficients etc.), in which the PV system will not behave differently from glass or other conventional building products. - Specific standard building tests that might affect the integrity of the electrical circuit and the qualities of the building component (as there are water ingress, condensation, thermoshock). - Specialised PV related tests. These tests define the most severe condi-tions under which the integrity of the PV component as a building mate-rial and its electrical integrity remain intact (so hot spots, robustness of terminations). - Standard electrical requirements and tests. These are for instance IEC 61215 for modules and EMC-tests for inverters. 2. There are two test facilities established, at JRC and EETS, which were equipped to perform tests on PV roofs and PV façades. Both the test centres are not able to perform all the required tests in their own test facilities but they have the knowledge and experience to co-ordinate the required tests. 3. Four prototypes of building integrated PV systems were manufactured and tested in the above mentioned test centres. Two 1 kWp PV roofs were made by Shell Solar and two 1 kWp PV façades were made by Pilkington. 4. The tests that were performed within PRESCRIPT as pre-normative research defined a set of additional requirements. Together with the results of the survey of standard tests, regulations and codes this resulted in a proposal for a pre-standard for testing BIPV systems. This will be offered to EOTA.

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