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Content archived on 2024-05-07

Low cost energy efficient Pv-ventilation in retrofit housing


The objective of the proposed project is to research, develop and test low cost high efficiency PV-powered ventilation systems for apartment blocks where PV-modules are integrated in an architectural acceptable way in facades gables and roofs. It is proposed to focus on potentially cost effective building integrated amorphous PV-modules and combine this with an improved version of a shared energy efficient ventilation system with a counterflow heat recovery unit which has reached a further reduction of the electricity use from using fans with DC-motors. Initial research and development activities will focus on the following subjects:
Optimised link between PV-modules and fans with DC-motors.
Low cost PV-modules for building integration including high reliability and optimised cabling.
Modification of standard a-Si modules with proper framimg for retrofit cladding, inclusive cost effective mounting system and combined with non-PV cladding.
Improved heat recovery ventilation systems with reduced pressure loss and electricity use based on advanced computer calculations and improved air to air counter flow heat exchanger.
Improved control system for DC-ventilation with printcard which has combined transformer!inverter and control function and is placed in air stream. Focus on optimisation in general on DC-motor ventilation fans. Basic development work concerning building integration of PV. After the initial R&D work and tests in the laboratory it is proposed to develop and test the following proto-types of innovative economically optimised PV-Powered energy efficient ventilation systems:
1. An energy efficient shared ventilation system with heat recovery and direct PV-supply to fans with DC-motors (3 m2 amorphous PV-modules per apartment).
2. 3 types of multifunctional solar energy ventilation elements for facade integration with building integrated heat recovery ventilation system in combination with building integrated PV-modules and preheating of ventilation air.
3. A system as mentioned under item 1 but including grid connection and a larger building integrated PV area per apartment more defined from the available facade area than having an optimised PV area determined by the level of electricity use for ventilation fans.
4. A PV-powered cheap exhaust ventilation system with preheati,,g of ventilation air in the PV-modules.
5. A system as mentioned under item 1, but with the PV-modules integrated in an air solar collector surface which can also be used for preheating of DHW in summer through a water to air heat exchanger.
The above Mentioned proto-types PV-ventilation systems will be tested under realistic operation conditions in actual housing blocks in Denmark to be able to have developed the highest possible reliability in practise both for the PV-systems and the ventilation systems. Based on the results of the proposed EU-Jou]e project, it is the idea to make an architectural competition for retrofit of 500 apartments in Skovlunde, Denmark as basis of a larger demonstration of PV-powered ventilation systems in practice.

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