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Study and development of heating/cooling systems using renewable energy


Direct thermal solar heating floor is one of the most appropriate systems for solar heating. It seems it would be very interesting to use the same principle for space cooling.

This project has several objectives:

- To study the application of solar heating floor for cooling
- To study cooling systems (H) CFC free using renewable energy (thermal solar particularly)

- To study high performance solar thermal collectors to be coupled with the cooling device

- To study the coupling between the cooling device and the floor
- To compare the floor cooling solution with a conventional one using mechanical ventilation convectors

The heating / cooling production will be particularly studied: system using solar absorption heat pump with evacuated tube collectors or selective flat plate collectors. Today the only absorption heal pumps which can be used with solar energy are american or japaneese and not well adapted to little buildings or houses. So to develop in Europe such a product should be of strategic importance.

To reach these objectives different defined tasks have been gathered in four work packages:

1 - Study of floor heating / cooling system. Main tasks for this package will be: Sizing of system, Study of control, Study of ventilation, Modelling of the heating/cooling systems.

2 - Study of solar collectors which will contains the following tasks: Design of new selective flat plate collectors, Manufacturing of first prototypes, Improvements of the CORTEC evacuated tube collectors, Testing of both collectors and Modelling of collectors.

3 - Study of the absorption heat pump which will contains the following tasks : design of a prototype of a reversible heat pump using water and litium bromide fluids with cooling power adapted to needs, Realization of prototype, Experimental study of the prototype and Modelling of the system.

4 - Study of the complete system. Starting with the global study an Analysis of needs for cooling productior specifications will be realized. Following the works on different components (cooling floor, solar collectors, absorption heat pump) the whole system will be experimentred and simulated.

That will permit to determine a technical economical comparison of systems, design and application guide lines for the system.

One main result will be to develop in Europe a heating/cooling technique which will improve the rational use of energy ,will provide a radiant heating/cooling emitter which saves energy and it will work with a cooling source (H)CFC-free.

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