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Solar power envelope


This project develops a highly efficient building envelope component. Direct sunshine is transformed into electricity via integrated optics concentrating direct solar radiation on PV strips. Diffuse daylight penetrates into the building conditioning the office building with space heating, lighting and natural ventilation. The heat loss through the highly insulating evacuated glazing component is decreased to a level where diffuse light is sufficient to heat the building.
The solar power envelope is tested and evaluated in a pilot office building. Initial investigations shows, that this building will produce more energy than it consumes, throughout the year and throughout its entire life cycle. The objective of the monitoring programme of the pilot building is to verify components performance and overall building performance. Furthermore, the objective is to evaluate and document the indoor environmental qualities and user responses of this unique daylight workspace.
This objective of this pre competitive research project is very ambitious, developing very advanced component and using these new components and a completely new type of building. This ambitious project is only realistic with a very strong team working in collaboration under a European research project, JOULE. This European team consists of partners leading in each of their sectors. DTI is a major research organization in energy conservation, Saint-Gobain is a major glass manufacturer, Vegla is a major manufacturer of glazing/PV systems, and Skanska is leading construction and property company. All companies have a prime interest in developing and testing the Solar Power Envelope system, and all companies have prime interests in introducing the results of this research project in the market after proper demonstration and dissemination of the results.

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