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Production of Fuel Ethanol and Byproducts out of Nootka Lupin


Research and development is proposed regarding the production of concentrated ethanol by the use of the Nootka Lupin as raw material and by geothermal steam as the energy source. In the factory the raw material would be pretreated by steam injection and enzyme hydrolysis. Then fermentation of the sugars would take place and the ethanol would be distilled off and retrieved as fuel grade ethanol. Separation of the remaining slurry will result in a solid phase containing the majority of organic materials which would be a suitable fodder for animals. The solution obtained from the separation, would be evaporated to dryness. This would be expected to yield solids rich in potash and phosphate, suitable as fertilizers. The steam required for all the operations involved in this procedure, would be obtained from nearby geothermal fields. In order to clarify numerous technical questions which arise due to the novelty of the proposed process, a laboratory study followed by some pilot scale operations is proposed.


VBL Consulting Engineers
0108 Reykjavik