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Hybrid energy saving wind/thermo "green engine" water generation ready-to-start mini-plant for remote communities


Power supplies and fresh water are essential for quality of life and economic development. For many communities the cost of supply limits their ability to derive the socio-economic benefits that adequate supplies provide. At the same time such facilities -n id avoid environmental deterioration Tne use of alternative energy and multi fuel engines can be combined to provide an nergy efficient and local solution to the two problems of drinking water supplies and electrical power generation and in a low cost modular system. This solution would provide reliable water supply and electrical power to remote and/or , land communities by means of a synchronised energy saving fossil fuel/wind desalination and power generation unit in an affordable, expandable and modular system but with power cost in all aspects i.e. initial, running and maintenance costs, as well as with significantly lower pollution level than the alternatives available. Research is required to explore control techniques and identify the development for existing technology and the parameters to combine these into an affordable and practical system.


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