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Reliable, marketable and efficient preconstructed solar house


The objectives of the proposal is to demonstrate the feasibility of the construction, erection, acceptable rate of maintenance, satisfactory level of performance of preconstructed solar house components in which solar active and solar passive elements are integrated. This research project is to consider: - creation of design and manufacturing know-how for the construction of the building components compatible with the IBS (Integrated Building System) background, - optimal combination of active and passive heating technologies, With the climatic conditions of Greece, we estimate that after the end of the research project, the future market share of such technologies will reach the level of 20%, since: - the solar assisted components of the preconstructed solar house will be compact, reliable and market friendly, since 40% of reduction of the overall cost is expected, - the product will operate in both modes, space heating and DHW (an increase of overall performance of the house by 60% is expected, compared to a conventional house equiped with oil boiler), - it has higher energy efficiency even compared to other solar space heated houses, since IBS shallow underfloor H/X is appropriate to be coupled with low temperature solar absorbers. The new product is expected to face high market challenges, since it will be promoted parallel to the existing building preconstruction market and penetrate into large networks,

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Kinitro S.A.
14,fleming street
15123 Athens

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