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Condition monitoring of wind turbines by means of spectral analysis


Wind turbines might be running with faults or in a non-optimal condition without exceeding any limits monitored by the controller. Examples are yaw errors, various rotor faults and too high rated power. This can result in reduced power production and/or reduced lifetime for the components. The objective of the project is to developed methods for identification and evaluation of various faults or non-optimal operation. The methods shall be easy and cheap to use. The basic method for achieving that is not heavy instrumentation, but advanced analysis of few data sources. Spectrum analysis of the power signal and/or measurement from a 3-D accelerometer in the nacelle is the way for achieving that. Statistical techniques (rain flow counting and others) can be used for analysing the same signals for a evaluation of the fatigue exposure of the drive train as well as the structure. An important part of the project is to develop methods of data reference determination. In order to evaluate whether some measured data expresses an unacceptable condition or not, a reference for the given type of turbine must exist. References can be based on detailed knowledge to the design basis for a given wind turbine, but such information are in many cases not available for the intended user of thetechniques. Some general references can be established for various types of turbines, but more accurate references can be developed using an expert system analysing more measurements on the same type of turbine.

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