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Design of a solar driven cooling aggregate based on the diffusion-absorption cooling principle


To cover the worldwide encreasing cooling demand, research efforts are made mainly in Japan and the US looking for environmental friendly and energy saving alternatives to the commenly used electrical driven compression cooling aggregates with FCKW-containing working fluids. Solar driven absorption cooling aggregates are one of these alternatives. For technical or economical reasons, no cooling aggregates are available for the medium cooling sector (5-20 kW), which can be driven by thermal solar systems. The diffusion-absorption cooling technology has been used successfully since more than 50 years, designed as a technology for directly gas- or electrical driven, simple, cheap and long lasting aggregates for smallest cooling units (refrigerators) with cooling performances of 0,1-0,2 kW. Goal of the planned research project is to designe a solar driven cooling aggregate based on diffusion-absorption cooling technology with 5 kW cooling performance. Main steps of the research project will be: Design of a diffusion-absorption cooling aggregate with 5 kW cooling performance which can be solar and gas driven and the construction of a prototype with adopted components for intergation of a thermal solar system. Test runs and data recording under laboratory conditions.
- Optimising the prototype and design of a controlling strategy for solar drive.
- Test runs and data recording under field conditions.
- Optimising of the system technology of the cooling system, the solar system and the controlling unit

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Schneider & Partner, Ingenieurgesellschaft für Energie und Umwelttechnik, GbR
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