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Development of an autonomous solar thermally driven distillation system


This proposal regards the design, installation and testing of an efficient solar-thermal distillation completely autonomous system for sea water desalination, for remote areas such as small island communities and coastal areas. The system utilises solar energy to produce the heat required for water distillation and photovoltaics to supply the energy required by auxiliary system components. The RTD goals which need to be achieved are:
- The efficient use of solar collectors (type of collectors, heating fluid etc.) for producing the heat for heating and evaporating the sea or brackish water.
- Design and manufacturing of the water vapour condensation surface.
- Design and manufacturing of the heat exchanger for heating the sea or brackish water.
- Determine the right size of photovoltaics to power all auxiliary equipment, (water pumps. control system etc.).
- Optimisation of the whole system performance through computer simulation. The overall objective of the proposed system is to reduce the cost of produced fresh water by afactor of two in relation to other desalination technologies.

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