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Advanced small scale biomass indirect firing gasifier


The partners would like to join their R&D efforts in a common industrial project, aiming at the development of a new device very compact and likely to be produced at large scale and at low production cost. The envisaged device is based on indirect firing, so that the obtained fuel will have a relative high combustion heat. Operating with indirect firing the combusted gas are absent and the Combustion Heat is maximised. The proposed gasifier can be utilised in connection with a diesel engine to produce electrical power (typically 50-500 kWe) possibly in a cogeneration system. Details of the industrial objectives are:
- determination of an adapted mechanical device for raw material feeding,
- design of a device having a high ratio of thermal power volume,
- utilisation of high temperature insulation material having high corrosion resistance in contact with the treated and obtained materials.

Funding Scheme

EAW - Exploratory awards


Metal Ref Snc
Via Caravaggio 50
51012 Castellare Di Pescia

Participants (1)

Awina Bioheizung Vertriebs- und Produktionsges.mbH
4810 Gmunden