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Low-pressure turbines and control equipment for wave energy converters


The intended research project will develop and test low pressure water turbines suitable for use in offshore wave energy converters (WEC). The turbines and the electric/hydraulic control systems will be optimised for use in the Wave Dragon - a 4 MW offshore WEC of the slack moored run-up type. Wave Dragon developed by the prime proposal, and the international patent application for this WEC were published in 1996. Low pressure turbines like the Ossberger cross-flow type and the Kaplan-propeller types have been commercial for a long time The existing turbines and the control equipment are nevertheless not suitable for use in WEC's, as pressure and water flow are strongly and rapidly fluctuating in offshore WEC's. The project will use computer modelling and large scale tank test of a simplified model of the Wave Dragon with working scale model turbines on board. These tests will be conducted at and by the Danish Maritime Institute. Development of turbines suitable for WEC's is a necessary step in the process of commercialising big offshore renewable enelgy plants like the Wave Dragon and thereby harness the vast energy resources in the European waters and in the oceans many places in the world, where the average power levels is high. Values of 70 kW wave-power pr. meter is not unusual !


Löwenmark Consulting Engineers, F.R.I. by E. Friis-Madsen Aps.
4,Blegdamsvej 4
2200 Copenhagen

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Ossberger - Turbinenfabrik GmbH. & Co.
7,Otto-rieder-strasse 7
91781 Weissenburg