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Content archived on 2024-05-07

Optimising the performance (electrical and economic) of tidal current turbines


Objectives of the Project
- The development of system specification matrices appropriate for tidal current systems.
- Establishment of appropriate optimisation methodologies
- Application of the optimisation methods to determine the input values for the matrix which optimise the performance of the system for two locations in Europe.
- Incorporation of all the techniques into a useable handbook and "tool-box" of associated software.
Technical Approach
The programme is structured in 6 technical tasks. These are:
-Identification of key parameters which have an influence on the performance of a turbine system under local environmental conditions.
-Selection of two representative sites in Europe for detailed consideration. -Surveys at the two sites to identify: sea bed conditions; tidal conditions and legal and environmental constraints.
-- Development of computer models of tidal flow for the two sites to allow a parametric description of local flow conditions.
-Development of appropriate algorithms to allow the economic modelling and optimisation of tidal current systems in the two chosen sites and interpretation of the outputs in engineering terms.
-Incorporation of all the software utilised in process in a readily useable "Tool-Box" and operational handbook.
Expected Achievements and Exploitation
The project will generate tidal development plans in two European Locations. These plans will be technically optimal. The project will yield a tidal development "Tool-Box" which will consist of the software packages required for identification of optimal solutions in association with detailed instructions on how to establish the necessary input databases. The "Tool-box" will enable the commercial potential of any site to be assessed prior to development and, therefore, will be able to minimise the risk associated with the development of any site which is thought to be suitable for tidal current power.

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