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EMC and Safety Design for Photovoltaic Systems


Objectives of the Project
The objective of the project is to prepare PV for the new market without compromises. Today PV systems have to fulfil tsvo different generic standards . The generic standard for residential, commercial and light industry and the generic standard for industrial environment. PV ss sterns have to satisfy the emmission-laws of the generic standard for residal and the immission-laws of the generic standard for industrial environment because the insert point of PV systems lies at a transition between both generic standards. There is still no standard for the "product family" photovoltaic components and systems. Based on this results it could be necessary to propose additions to the existing standards or to propose a new product standard, which includes all important laws to develop and build PV systems with improved reliability, safety and quality.
The guideline for this project is to check this existing standards whether they can lead to a safe and EMC conform product (e.g. components or systems). At test plants and systems deficits will come to light. The correction of these deficits leads to improved systems and to new laws and standards for construction and development of PV products. The success of the correction will be verified by measurement.
Technical Approach
The programme contents the following scientific and technical objectives:
- Improvement of reliability, safety and livetime by reducing electromagnetic interference and suspectibility: conducted and radiated low and high frequency phenomena and electrostatic discharge phenomena.
- EMC and safety measurements on really components and systems .
- Creation of proposals for new standards of Electromagnetic Compatibility of Photovoltaic Systems in collaboration with IEC and CELENEC. All results will be evaluated together with ISE Freiburg at an exploitation meeting.
- Specific tasting and measurement techniques, limits for emission and immunity requirements.
- Ensure the compliance with harmonized European Product Safety Standards concerning the Low Voltage Directive and the Machinery Directive: Electrical, mechanical thermal dangers and Failsafe.
Expected Achievements
- Complete EMC and Safety system qualification.
- Test of the complete area of operation points.
- Modified or new "product family standard" for PV components and systems. - Demonstration by model plant application, brochure publication and internet publication.

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