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Content archived on 2024-05-07

Improved tools to predict Wind Energy production in Mountain


The main objectives of the project are to analyse and report the errors in the present wind power predictions, to improve current tools (WASP), and to produce new tools (3D flow codes) to be delivered for prediction of wind power potential and for micrositing In mountainous terrain.
Technical approach
The project will produce verification in WASP predictions in different climatological conditions for existing wind power plants operating in hilly and mountainous regions at various parts in Europe, using "standard" and "parameterized" methods. The parameterized WASP will be used to take into account the seasonal variations of the stability, shape of the vertical wind profile and the height of the ABL. Also the capability of new mesoscale models to produce representative regional wind speed distributions is tested and analysed.
For micro-siting two new codes will be produced, tested and delivered: - a linear code based on the orographic code of WASP to study the turbulent flow - a non-linear viscous solver to study the 3-D wind flows over hills.
A special attention will be given to dissemination of the results to the industry and utilities to improve the possibilities to use hilly and mountainous sites for wind power production.
The work shall be performed in cooperation between research institutes(4). universities ( 1 ), operators and utilities (3) and manufacturers (1) as the main contractors.
Expected achievements
The project will give industry relevant information about the accuracy and limitations in prediction of wind power production in mountains and hills at various parts of Europe using present tools like WAsP and some mesoscale models.
Complementary micro-siting models based on 3D computational fluid dynamic codes will be available for the wind energy community. The codes will be tailored for micrositing purposes, ie. with a WASP like user interface and input-output file structure.

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