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Content archived on 2024-05-14

Certification and standarization issues for a sustainable PV market indeveloping countries


The scientific objectives of the project are: to compile information about the state-of-the-art of PV rural electrification in developing countries using a multidisciplinar perspective (technical, economical and organisational); to develop a range of adequate quality control procedures for systems, components and manufacturing processes, which will foster collaborative establishment of European industry in developing countries.
The predominant feature of this project lies in its multi-disciplinary approach of the technical aspects, involving research institutes, energy service and rural development consultants, European industrials and a utility in collaboration with local authorities, industry and endusers of selected developing countries to validate procedures that the research will develop. The methodology adopted to cover quality control issues is to establish certification procedures adapted to the markets to be approached and to the structure of local industry. Local assessment of demand is also a prerequisite to evaluate the level and type of needs to be met. Research will be made using all the previous various studies done or on-going on PV system specifications and results from last ten years PV electrification pilot projects. Different initiatives are known which are currently trying to establish technical standards of universal application. It is worth to note that such initiatives are restricted to Solar Home Systems and to equipments only, while this project covers a much broader spectrum of PV applications: PV Generators of different sizes, pumping, Community uses, manufacturing process and installation and after sales services.
After the research and development phase, procedures will be largely disseminated to rural electrification market actors for use (industrialists, financiers, cooperation organisations, research centres and laboratories and any other relevant institutions) in order to promote them and to make field adaptations. Acceptance of quality control procedures by the international community is a real opportunity for Europe to step in the world wide rural electrification market with a strong position.
At the end of the research a range of adequate quality control procedures for PV systems, components and manufacturing processes will be established. These procedures will be delivered after having been validated through country pilot testing. Regarding exploitation plans, the target is the use of the procedures developed within the research project by the international community.

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