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Hydrostatic yaw bearing for large wind turbines



This project seeks to develop an improved engineering solution for the yaw systems of wind turbines. Specific aims are to design and manufacture a hydrostatic yaw bearing, to evaluate performance on a test wind turbine (including measurement of the performance of the hydrostatic bearing in comparison with the prior standard bearing considering issues of loads, noise, corrosion, life and wear) and to evaluate the potential for medium and large wind turbine systems of an advanced integrated yaw system involving such a hydrostatic bearing.


The design principles of a hydrostatic bearing as the yaw bearing of a wind turbine have been established in recent work by Rolls Royce and confirmed on a 0.7m diameter bearing test rig. Peter Brotherhood Ltd propose to develop this technology in the present project. They will undertake detailed design of a bearing system for the WindMaster WMN VS46 wind turbine. Research work has shown added advantage in increased yaw system damping with the use of a high viscosity grease (as opposed to standard hydraulic oil) in the bearing. The University of Porto in Portugal who have been active in the study of additives for greases and their behaviour in elasto-hydrodynamic contacts will undertake development and testing of high viscosity fluids. Garrad Hassan will support the bearing design work especially in areas of load specification. WindMaster Nederland will manufacture a new bedplate for their WMN VS 46 wind turbine to interface with the bearing. In a field test phase, a programme of data acquisition and analysis to evaluate system input loading and bearing performance will be undertaken.


It is expected to demonstrate a technically superior, cost effective yaw system with greater load bearing capacity, fatigue insensitivity, reduced noise and greater reliability compared with existing technology. Peter Brotherhood expect to develop a product for the wind turbine market with sales of over 200 bearings for wind turbines in the 600 -1000 kW range being forecast for year three of production.

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