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Traction batteries for electric and hybrid vehicles


In order to ensure vehicle traction battery reliability at the bench-test stage, the performance characteristics and life-time of available batteries will be determined using a common European qualification procedure. Evaluation of futuristic battery systems will be carried out at the laboratory stage or in a feasibility study, with the aim of identifying and providing guidance on the most suitable traction-batteries for electric and hybrid vehicle applications.
Results of previous project JOUE-CT91-0084: A common European qualification procedure defining parameters and life-cycle tests for available traction batteries was defined. Testing began on high temperature, alkaline and lead-acid battery systems of around 10 kWh energy capacity. Prototype Zinc-Bromine and Nickel-Metal-Hydride systems were studied at the laboratory stage. A comprehensive study of the literature on advanced batteries was prepared.

The project is a co-operative effort of eight European car manufactures within the framework of the Joint Research Committee (JRC) and six independent test/research institutes, both parties being interested in the promotion of electric cars as a possible solution to pollution. The programme intends to compare the different traction-battery technologies, which may be suitable as power sources for electric or hybrid cars.
Life-cycle bench tests on lead-acid, high temperature and alkaline batteries started in contract JOUE-CT91-0084, will be continued and extended to further available systems. Additional feasibility studies and tests of new concepts such as Lithium systems, Nickel-Metal-Hybride vehicle batteries, fuel-cells and supercapacitors are planned.
Battery systems chosen for further consideration will also be considered from the economical environmental, manufacturing and supply viewpoints, thus giving a clearer picture of the total business-related aspects of the technology in order to support investments decisions of both vehicle and battery manufacturers.

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