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All solid state polymer supercapacitor


Supercapacitors store electricity and have the advantage that they can be charged and discharged with very high current densities and are very reliable and compact. This makes them very suitable for recuperating brake energy of electric vehicles and, in combination with a battery, for prolonging the life of a battery. The main objectives of this project are to study and develop new 1 kW high energy density supercapacitors using polymeric electrolytes with the following characteristics : 2000 W/kg, 30 kJ/kg, 100.000 cycles. This combination will permit meeting the requirements of such applications as electric vehicles.

The project is based on the experience and know-how at Innovision and Alcatel Alsthom Recherche, regarding polymer electrolytes, lithium batteries, supercapacitors and thick film processes technology. Innovision has developed materials, processes and technology to produce lithium solid state batteries with specific energy exceeding 150 Wh/Kg at room temperature and a cycle life of several hundred cycles JOUE-CT90-0030. Alcate1 Alsthom Recherche has conducted basic research on solid polymer electrolytes (EN3E-00146-F) for lithium batteries and supercapacitors (BREU 0048 C). High energy density supercapacitors (J/cm3) have been realized during these studies.

The programma background includes synthesis and development of new electrode materials (Alcatel Alsthom Recherche) as well as polymer electrolytes for supercapacitors (Innovision). The electrode materials are based on activated carbons and metal oxides which allow high capacities. The polymers are lithium ion or proton conductors. On this basis, the project shall develop processing and manufacturing methods for polymer electrolytes and composite electrodes to be used in supercapacitors (Alcatel Alsthom Recherche and Innovision). The combination of a high conductivity solid polymer electrolyte and the laminating technology (less than 200 m thickness) will allow to obtain high performance supercapacitors. A pilot line will be adapted for the manufacturing of all solid state supercapacitor prototypes (Innovision). All the prototypes will be characterized after assembling and during long cycling tests to analyze their performances, i.e. specific energy, internal resistance, leakage current, ageing, etc . . . (Alcatel Alsthom Recherche and Innovision).

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