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Control of corrosion and scaling in geothermal systems


The aim of the programme is to resolve the problems caused by corrosion and scaling in the exploitation of low and high enthalpy geothermal systems.

The increased costs resulting from these problems decrease the profitability of the projects and, in certain cases, can be inimical to the development of the uses of geothermal energy.
The geothermal plants most concerned are those currently operating in the Paris Basin in France, at Larderello in Italy and in Greece, and those in the planning stage in these countries.
The mechanisms of corrosion and the formation of scale are in general similar, even when the geothermal fluids have different physicochemical characteristics. The regrouping of teams allow better use of resources and more rapid transfer of the results.
The immediate objectives of the programme are
(i) to determine the conditions under which corrosion takes place and which lead to the formation and growth of scale (iron sulphide, calcium carbonate, silica, lead sulphide) and
(ii) to develop predictive models.
This will lead on to the design of processes for industrial application to control corrosion and scaling, using inhibitors of corrosion and crystal growth, vapour-cleaning systems and treatment of condensates before injection.

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