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Development, manufacturing and testing of a vertical-axis wind turbine H-rotor with 1.2MW capacity-An innovative converter to be optimized in size and technology


The H-Rotor is an advanced vertical axis system mainly characterized by its simplicity: There is only one moving part - the rotor with its vertical, straight blades. The resulting ruggedness and expected long lifespan are key features for economic viability. An essential innovative component necessary for this concept is the travelling field ring generator without gear box, developed by HM and, so far implemented for wind turbines with capacities up to 300 kW.

The up-scaling laws governing the H-Rotor are more favourable than usual. Accordingly, after much successful experience with H-Rotors of up to 300 kW, some of them in locations where conditions are extreme such as the Antarctic, the logical next step is to develop an H-Rotor in the megawatt range.

The aim of this project is the development, manufacture and testing of an H-Rotor 1200 with 1.2 MW rated power and the confirmation of its technical data, its functionality and its economic perspectives. The basic design concept of the H-Rotor will be kept for the megawatt unit although a lot of new details are anticipated. The detailed structure of the blade support, however, will be modified. The aerodynamics of the complete rotor head will be investigated and optimized. A further improvement of the quality of the electric energy fed into the grid is intended. Due attention will be paid to the logistics of transportation, foundation and set-up.

The design phase will be finished by the end of '93. The set-up is planned in Germany in the middle of the year '94, followed by the monitoring phase.

The large-scale use of wind energy is a challenge of European scope. So it is a matter of course to achieve such a development project at a European level. Numerous contributions from different EC-countries are planned.

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