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Evaluation of pressurized pulverized coal combustion with CO2 recirculation


This project aims at comparing pressurized pulverized coal combustion systems with atmospheric and catalytic pulverized coal combustion systems and with other more advanced combustion technologies.

The objective is to evaluate the technological and economical feasibility of pressurized pulverized coal combustion with a mixture of recycled flue gas and oxygen as comburant.

The project consists of a work programme which is based on experiments utilizing a 830kW pressurized coal combustion test rig, laboratory studies, mathematical/numerical modelling and a process-efficiency evaluation method.

The main questions addressed within this project are:
- How do conventional burner and flames perform under these conditions and which measures can be taken to adapt them?
- How large is the influence on fuel conversion and heat removal from the process?
- Which is the influence of CO2-recirculation and pressure on the formation and destruction of nitric oxides?
- How do the changed gas composition and the elevated pressure influence the dust removal?
- Which total efficiency - including O2 production and CO2 removal - can be achieved, and which plant configuration is most efficient?
The details tasks are:
- Experimental investigation of the overall characteristics of the combustion process, the flame shape and the dust removal.
- Mathematical modelling of the combustion and pollutant formation process to aid the understanding and interpretation of the measured data. - Theoretical and experimental investigation of the radiative properties of particle laden flows with high CO2 concentrations at elevated pressures. - Laboratory experiments which will indicate the effect of increasing CO2 concentrations and elevated pressure on the formation of nitric oxides. - Calculation and optimization of the overall efficiency of power plants with pressurized coal combustion and CO2 recirculation.

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