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Photovoltaic air conditioning


The aim of the project is to design and test a solar photovoltaic air conditioning device powered by a PV generator. A first prototype will be developed for laboratory tests in order to qualify the prototype and improve it. Two devices will be produced and installed in real situations in Greece and Portugal in controlled on-site conditions.

The air conditioning device will have the following main features: it is designed for a standard office, it could be extended easily to several rooms and will be a split system; it is a stand-alone device, usable in towns or in rural areas; the cold production is proportional to sunshine and directly in phase with the requirements. The open cycle compressor uses a new refrigerating fluid to preserve atmospheric ozone.The use of a short time cold storage of eutectics in the evaporator will "smooth" machine operation. It can be associated with multifunction PV modules integrated into the building cover. In manual option,it can be supplied with power from the grid by a transformer/rectifier.

A monitoring programme (including technical and social approaches) will be set up between the users, the different laboratories and the manufacturer.

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