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Content archived on 2024-04-19

Wind turbine integrated multipole permanent magnet generator (PMG)


The object of the project is to design, manufacture and test a multipole PMG (Permanent Magnet Generator) adapted to a 100KW windmill.

As compared to an ordinary design comprising a conventional generator and a speed-up gearbox, the multipole PMG allows direct main shaft connection from the blade hub to the PMG rotor. This results in a distinct efficiency improvement along with a reduction in noise, wear and cap weight.
As compared to other multipole designs, the use of permanent magnets results in a efficiency due to reduced losses. Additional aspects are variable speed and generator braking. Variable speed is realised in this project through the control system of the convertor, thus leading to improved efficiency at low wind speeds and potentially to reduced forces at high wind speeds.

The future prospect of braking the windmill through generating the PMG is preferable as compared to a conventional shaft brake, which is subject to wear and thus represents a potential safety risk.

The blade tip speed being independant of the windmill size, the rotational speed of the PMG will be inversely proportionate to the diameter of the sails. Conversely, the diameter of the PMG will be proportionate to the diameter of the sails. Thus the PMG design will be applicable to larger windmill sizes.

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