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Passive sun control with holographic elements


The goal of the project is to investigate and test the potential of Holographic Optical Elements (HOE) for passive sun control. The HOE sun control will be a built-in shading device (without any movable parts) within the glazing material for buildings. The investigation will focus on two major categories of glazings :
-clear glazing (maintaining clear vision through)
-translucent glazing (for use with Transparent Insulation Systems)

Sun penetration can cause discomfort to occupants through reflecting glare and overheating in the working/living space. Shading devices, therefore, are essential for well designed solar buildings and comfortable indoor climates. Fixed shading devices as well as conventional sun control glasses act as obstructions for diffuse light penetration. Movable shading devices perform better, but are more susceptible to mechanical problems.
Sun control is essential for optimal energy efficiency of Transparent Insulation Systems (THIS). The problems with THIS sun control devices to date are mainly caused by the high temperature changes within these systems. Mechanical parts of movable sun control elements are highly effected and often fail.

The sun control with HOE will be a fixed combination of transmission and reflection holograms. Several holograms with different information will be recorded in one layer which is fixed on a sheet of glazing.

The general technical approach of the project includes the following activities and roles of the team members :

- Specification of the parameters for the design of the hologram through the use of lighting and energy computer simulations

- Construction of specific HOE system prototypes

- Photometric testing of prototypes

- Scale model testing and, if possible, full scale testing (depends on the availability of a suitable real office building)

- Investigation of the integration of HOE in the glass manufacturing process.

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