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Content archived on 2024-04-19

Aerodynamic noise from wind turbines and rotor blade modification


The aim of the project is to form an operational model for aerodynamic noise enabling aerodynamic designers and manufacturers to calculate blade noise and take noise aspects into consideration when designing wind turbine rotors.

The noise from wind turbines can be separated into mechanical noise from the machinery components and aerodynamic noise from the rotor, which are to be dealt with in totally different manners. Noise from wind turbines is a limiting factor in the development of wind energy. Reducing the noise increases the acceptance of wind turbines. Considerable effort should be invested in the development of silent wind turbines.

The developed model will be compared to measurements in an acoustic wind tunnel. The turbulent boundary layer of rotor blade will be measured by hot wire sensors. Flow speeds up to 50 m/s can be reached in the acoustic wind tunnel. Especially trailing edge noise radiation will be investigated in the project.

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