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Content archived on 2024-04-19

Programme collaboration between CEC and national programmes on electric vehicles in Europe


Objective, The objective of this project is the establishment of a network of collaboration between electric vehicle fleets in Europe and so form a platform for information exchange and promotion of electric vehicles. The importance of the promotion of electric vehicles has been shown by the EC in supporting Citelec and in several projects in the field of research of development of electric vehicles and their components.
Perspective, Apart from the direct objective as formulated above, the creation of the network is a first step towards a broader framework for collaboration and promotion of electric vehicles in Europe.
From the networks activities an overall strategy may emerge for the introduction of electric vehicles in the cities of Europe.
Scope of the programme, The general principle of subsidiarity will apply in a very specific way to this programme.
The programme will be limited to those activities that generate added value for the partners by means of European collaboration.
This includes mainly exchange of information, agreement on dataformats, testprocedures, joint studies.
Therefore, vehicle testsfleet are outside the scope of the programme, i.e. procurement of vehicles and their operation.
Participation, Up to now 23 organizations participate.
The great variety in participating organizations (governmental agencies, european electric vehicle organizations, universities, fleet test project leaders, electric energy suppliers, research organizations) ensure an expertise in the broad field that is covered and a broad support of this programme.
Actions, The following actions will be undertaken: O Coordination, 1 Database, 2 Testprocedures and taskforce, 3 Joint study on infrastructure, 4 Non-technical aspects, 5 Dissemination, 6 Niche market survey. Participation, Up to now 21 organizations in 10 european countries and 2 european organizations (AVERE) have ensured Novem and the proposers of their willingness to participate in this project.
Special attention will be given to coordination of activities, harmonizing methods and results, and information about progress and results.

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