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Atlas of geothermal resources in Europe


The aim of the project is to collate and prepare the documents for a second edition of the Atlas of Geothermal Resources (first published in 1988). The work will consist of a comprehensive collection of geothermal data on EC Member States, EFTA countries and countries from Central and Eastern Europe. The documents from Central and East European countries will be prepared in a "PECO" (Pays d'Europe Centrale et Orientale) action.

A.The work of the contractor will consist of the two following activities: - coordination of the work to be provided by the associated contractors and by the participants from Central and East European countries and preparation of the maps for drafting, and
- preparation of the maps for Germany,including a detailed explanatory text.
B.The work of the 14 associated contractors will consist of: - updating the contributions to the first edition of the Atlas and incorporation of any information which has become available since that time;
- collection, collation and analyses of the data and its presentation in a comparable format, especially for those countries which were not included in the first edition;
- limited field work in order to obtain the necessary data. This concerns Portugal, Spain and Greece which were not in a position to contribute fully in 1988.

The following countries will contribute to the preparation of the Atlas: * Belgium * Ireland * United Kingdom * Denmark * Italy * Sweden * France * Portugal * Switzerland * Germany * Spain * Greece * The Netherlands PECO
The following countries from Central and Eastern Europe will contribute with comparable data presentations:
* Bulgaria *Lithuania * Czechia * Poland * Hungary * Rumania * Latvia * Slovakia

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