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Dynamic response of a methanol reformer for transport: real time simulator and experimental validation


The fuel most likely to be used in fuel cell driven cars is methanol. It

The main experimental tasks will be:
1. Catalysts formulation for methanol steam reformer and carbon monoxide methanation: selective methanation will be preferred to partial oxidation of CO. A number of new formulations will be characterized and tested.
2. Mathematical modelling of the whole system 3. Optimization of components: instruments, control system and system lay-out, to reach compact and light reformer with fast response time.

4. Test runs at transient and steady state conditions.

5. Validation of the simulator: the data obtained with the reformer test runs and single components performances will be interpreted by the simulator and converted into information for further optimization.
The real-time simulator will be a modular package developed by ARI from a commercial mathematical code to facilitate modelling of the dynamics of methanol reformer system.

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