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Multidisciplinary investigation leading to advanced knowledge of the Lusitanian and Porto basins of Portugal and their hydrocarbon potential


The objectives of the project are to to study, taking a multidisciplinary approach, the Mesozoic section of the Lusitanian and Porto basins, located on the west coast of Portugal, to acquire in-depth knowledge of the distribution and variations of sedimentary sequences, the distribution, type and maturity of petroleum source rocks and the conditions under which hydrocarbon migration took place, and the processes which underlie the tectonic setting of the basins, development of the structures contained in these basins and tectono-sedimentary relationships. The expected benefit is a more complete understanding of the hydrocarbon potential of the Lusitanian and Porto basins for more effective petroleum exploration.

The project consists of an integrated research programme which involves the determination of:
- the horizontal and vertical distribution and variations of sedimentary sequences including hydrocarbon source rocks, reservoirs and cap rocks; - the tectonic processes which underlie the development of the basins involved as well as the history and style of structures contained in these basins;
- in addition to the degrees of maturation and type of source rocks, the timing and conditions under which hydrocarbon migration took place.
The tasks of the work programme include:
1. In stratigraphy and sedimentology
The establishment of litho- and biostratigraphic correlations and tables, lateral facies change and paleogeographic maps of the Mesozoic section.
2. In tectonics Interacting structural analysis and numerical tectonic modelling related to structural development on basin- and structure-size scales as well as the synthesis of a geodynamic model of the western Iberian margin.

3. In geophysics
The interpretation of reflection seismic profiles on regional, semi-regional and detail scales and the depth-conversion of selected seismic transects.

4. In organic geochemistry Molecular and optical analysis of borehole and outcrop samples which leads to the generation of maturity cross-sections, the mapping of the top of the oil window as well as the construction of maps related to hydrocarbon generation and potential plays.

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